Silent Features

  • Pumps are sanitary, of stainless steel and sourced from Alfa –Laval
  • Pipes And Pipe Fitting With High Quality (< 3 Ra) From Alfa Laval / Idmc.
  • Electronic Controls-plc From Ge Fanuc Touch Screen Colour Tft 12.5 Inch Diagonal With High Graphic Resolutiuon Display From Exor Italy.
  • Flow Meters ,probes From E & H – Germany
  • Pipes Joints with high welding quality by means of automatic orbital welding machines. Main mixing pump From Alfa Laval Germany.
  • PHE from Alfa Laval / Idmc
    Maximum Mixing ratio 1:3 (syrup : water)
  • Brix accuracy: +/- 0.05 Deg.
  • Maximum carbonation: 11 grams / ltr.
    Carbonation accuracy: +/- 0.1 GV
  • De aeration efficiency: 75% Beverage
    Temperature: 1 Deg. C @ incoming water temp. 35 deg. C.
    Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 deg. C.
  • Beverage temp. drop: Max. 1 Deg. C. / 10 min. storage
    CIP flow: 10% higher than rated mixer capacity
Bev Mix – 8 (Max. beverage output: 8 KL / Hr.)
Bev Mix – 11 (Max. beverage output: 11 KL / Hr.)
Bev Mix – 15 (Max. beverage output: 15 KL / Hr.)
Bev Mix – 18 (Max. beverage output: 18 KL / Hr.)
Bev Mix – 24 (Max. beverage output: 24 KL / Hr.)
Bev Mix – 28 (Max. beverage output: 28 KL / Hr.)

  • Mixing De aerated water with syrup by flow measurement method.
  • Inductive flow meters are used to measure the flow with high accuracy.
  • Syrup flow is controlled with pneumatic proportional valve.
  • Mixing ratio and flow can be changed online.

  • Removes air from the incoming treated water to keep the beverage dissolved oxygen (DO) level down.
  • The de aeration is done with vacuum as well as with forced CO2 metho
  • 2 stage SS water tank with continuous water circulation under vacuum condition for De aeration.
  • Water ring type vacuum pump is used to create vacuum.

  • The CO2 is mixed in chilled beverage by online venturi system by measuring CO2 flow. The CO2 is controlled by manual vernier graded valve.
  • The option of tank carbonation is also possible for carbonation.