Silent Features

  • A wide range of different models to handle the packaging of different kinds of bottles for the Pharmaceutical, Liquor, Soft Drink, Ketchup, Shampoo, Pesticides, Oil Jerry cans or any other container that needs to be packed.
  • Servo Motor with high response motion controllers ensure accuracy
    and high speeds performance of the ROBAXE machine.
  • Machine has an interactive touch screen and PLC for production information & Trouble shooting.
  • High response fibre optic sensors are used to sense even small
    objects accurately.
  • Machines have a Sensor Barrier protection all 4 sides to avoid any accidents, ensuring high standards of safety.
  • Various combinations of Gripper heads can be used to lift different objects.
  • An option of auto carton Erectors are possible to be attached in line for Cartons in feed to the ROBAXE or the CASE PACKER.
  • The Most common Bottle Gripper Tulip used has a Specialized PU cup which Collapses with Air Pressure and firmly grips the bottles, it has a very high reliability and long life.
1 Case Packer - 3/4 Head (Glass/PET) 200 to 400 BPM
2 Case Packer - 5/6 Head (Glass/PET) 400 to 600 BPM
3 Case Packer - 6/8 Head (Glass/PET) 600 to 1000 BPM
4 Case Over Packer (COP) 150 to 200 BPM
5 Robaxe-3/4 Head (Glass/PET) 200 to 400 BPM
6 Robaxe Packers - 5/6 Head (Glass/PET) 400 to 600 BPM
7 Robaxe Packers - 6/8 Head (Glass/PET) 600 to 1000 BPM
Note : Robaxe has the capabilty of Multi Layer Packing
Case Packer

Case Packer is extremely reliable machine for rugged conditions, it can be used in a combination 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 heads and can achieve extremely high speeds.

The machine runs on a 4 bar mechanism principle and has a fixed pick & place point .

SEW (Germany) geared motors are used for the main drive, shuffler assembly for bottle entry & the infeed conveyor bottle table chain & Case conveyor chain.

Case Over Pack (COP)

This is a Semi operation, where the bottles are collated in the required format of 3X3 or 4X3 or 6X4 automatically, after which the cartons are place manually on this bottle format by a single operator.

After the Carton is placed on the Bottle format the top and bottom major and minor flap of the cartons are closed automatically.

The closed carton enters the taping machine where the top & bottom flaps of the cartons are automatically sealed with BOPP tape..

Robaxe Packers

his machine is an simple X & Y interpolation answer to a robotic arm machine but by means of a open belt thus eliminating the rack & pinion mechanism, with mimimum wear and tear. Two Servo geared drives are used for this mechanism. This machine is capable for a teach mode where in it can do caser packing or work as a Palletizer too where in Pallets can be formed in the required format by stacking boxes on each other. This machine eliminates all the heavy linkages & operates with the minimum of power consumption. This machine can do multiple jobs by means of changing the head design, serving as a universal machine. It is also possible to add a Z-Axis in this machine.